Use personalized URL to invite propects to visit the microsite
Adding Personalized URL (PURL) to your direct mails is a personalized invitation to the recipient to learn more about your products or promotions.Invite using personalized URLs
landing pages to extend conversation beyond direct mail
Landing Page is the page to where the recipient has been invited using the PURL. This page contains more information on the products or promotions that you want to inform the recipient. Extend conversation beyond direct mail
follow-up with the prospect
An email is sent to your sales person when the recipient visits his personalized page. This email trigger will let your sales person react on it immediately to take it further.Follow-up
Personalized URL and Microsites takes the web/online marketing to the next level, one to one direct marketing.By Personalizing the URL and the microsite, you know about the visitor even before they make a visit. You get to know more about them when they visit. This personalization can help you clearly understand your visitors interests on product or services. It gives you the power of making personalized and relevant offers on an individual level. Your personalized microsite can also be set-up to collect more information about visitors and enriching your database. The microsite landing page can be same as your direct mail or email or extended form of it or it could be a continued conversation. more on Microsites